Rug & Home’s Rug Sizes

Q: What size rugs do you carry?

A: We’re glad you asked, because a rug’s size often gets overlooked in favor of its price tag, color, or style. However, it’s also an important factor to consider when hunting for the right addition to your space.

Rug & Home carries rugs in all sizes. Standard rug measurements are determined by room sizes in the average home: 4’x6′ | 5’x8′ | 8’x10′ | 9’x12′ | 10’x14′ | 12’x15′ | 12’x18′. You’ll find a wide selection of all standard-size rugs in our stores and online, and you’ll also find an array of non-standard sizes. We offer many shapes to choose from, too. Rectangle, square, round, we’ve got them all!

Determining the ideal rug size for your space can be a bit tricky. CLICK HERE for our post on the how-tos of measuring.


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