Florals for Conversation

Greenery, not only adds color to a home, but it adds life. Faux plants are a great way to accessorize and add impact to a space with minimal cost. You can add plants that follow your color scheme or use something totally unexpected to bring in a pop of something new. These orange tulips break up the contemporary black on white feel in this room above for instance.

Tip #1:

Less is more. Don’t go overboard with flower arrangements and faux trees. You’re not trying to bring the outdoors, inside. Greenery should compliment you r space with adding life and color; it should never overwhelm guests.

Tip #2:

 As with pillows, scale your greenery. Make sure your centerpieces are in proportion with what you are styling.

Tip #3:

 Symmetry! One small plant on a mantle is insufficient but try a group of small, similar plants for impact.

 Tip #4:

 Like mirrors, plants can add height to a space. Use a tall, romantic plant to add visual interest. Use shorter plants on coffee tables, side tables, and end tables to add some color in small bunches. Add interest to open space by placing a plant strategically behind a floating sofa like we’ve done here.

For more ideas and pictures of how to incorporate florals into your home, visit us on Pinterest! We’ve pinned several of our favorites ideas here. “Remember that decorating your home is only the beginning: living in it means allowing it to change on a continual basis,” Ann Grafton, Interior Transformations.

Written By: Samantha Palacio

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