Making Changes with Karastan

When you think of Karastan, you may envision the colorful, traditional style rugs that they have been known for, for nearly 90 years. Karastan unveiled a fresh line of new designs, custom dyes, and shag style rugs at the Atlanta Market this January and we are proud to be supporting National Karastan Month here at Rug & Home. I’m here to tell you that these new arrivals are not your grandma’s rugs! Moroccan inspired  designs, lush family room shags… Karastan has opened up to a whole new market of rug buyers and we are thrilled for the opportunity to bring you the change.

Karastan takes pride in the easy clean up and longevity of wear. Have you heard of the “Wonder Rug”? In the midst of a Great Depression, Karastan introduced a 12×15 rug to the 1933-34 Chicago World’s Fair. Here they invited 5 million people to trample this rug and they did it again 5 years later to total 13 million people gracing this tree of life pattern with muddy footprints, and many stories. The words: “If this rug could only talk,” come to mind here. Look at this amazing before & after clean up depiction. If you are as intrigued as I am, read more about the story here. I promise it won’t disappoint. 

Hard to believe a rug can retain such radiant luster after 80 years! I think this is a beautiful depiction of quality you can expect of this manufacturer. Karastan strives to match the quality and craftsmanship of its counterpart – the handwoven one-of-a-kind treasures we sell here every day. Down to the fringe and bright colors that mimic its more costly cousin, you would likely be fooled unless not a trained rug connoisseur. 

Did you know that by purchasing Karastan you are supporting domestic jobs? Karastan is a North Carolina-based company bringing local jobs and revenue back into our home state. You can feel good about your purchase both aesthetically and domestically. No pun intended. 

Karastan uses renewable ingredients such as wool and “renewably sourced polymers” committing themselves to the environmentalism bandwagon. The science behind the making of handwoven rugs produces a positive footprint on the environment with longevity reducing energy consumption. To break it down – much like wool hand-knotted’s, these rugs can be passed down or sold off once your family has tired of the look. The endurance of a Karastan rug insures less filling of the landfill and happy homeowners all around. 


By: Samantha Palacio

Radiant Orchid


The Pantone Color Institute has just introduced the new shades for Spring 2014. Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute says, “This season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium.” We have fallen in love with shades of Radiant Orchid, and you can find it popping up in rugs and furnishings within our store. Pair this complementary color with neutrals and pops of Freesia for a cheerful space like these options seen here.

 Orchid & Yellow

Orange is not just for the fall. You can also pair Celosia Orange with this Radiant Orchid for an entertaining children’s space as well. This room is sure to inspire some creativity.


 Here at Rug & Home, we’ve got several options in home furnishings, rugs, and accessories to help you incorporate this color into your home. Use the following tips to begin incorporating this fun new color:

  • ·         Pair one of our rugs in this new color with existing neutral furnishings to update the look of  your space without changing your large investment pieces.  
  • ·         Add fun lamps, vases, curtains, and even artwork to accent your space as well.
  • ·        Add some live greenery or some faux orchid plants to bring some life to your room.
  • ·         Be daring and paint an accent wall in Radiant Orchid.

Some of our TOP picks to coordinate with this new trend can be found online at Rug & Home: 

1. Rizzy Home Country CT3124
2. Rizzy Home Platoon PL2435
3. Rizzy Home Swing SG3117
4. Uttermost Honeysuckle Rose Pattern Art Set/2 

Written By: Samantha Palacio

New Arrivals in Kannapolis!

Here is a peek at some new inventory at our Kannapolis showroom!

milton table

This beautiful round dining table seats eight!  This is a must have for formal or informal spring and summer entertaining!

elyse settee

This gorgeuos tufted settee is exactly what is missing from your casually elegant sitting room!


This pair of unique wing chairs truly embody Scandinavian style with the element of the wood detail across the outback finished in Danish Oiled Cherry. The cover resembles faux mohair in a winter white hue. Its gracefully sloped arms and soft round back embrace you for cozy comfort.

white summer hill dining

New dining chairs and table that seats up to six will fit perfectly into any casual dining space and is perfect for family style meals.


Kannapolis New Arrivals

If you have been into the Kannapolis showroom recently, then you have seen and felt the comfort of our newly arrived Comfort Designs leather sectional.  This sectional, like other models available from this brand, can be customized in a variety of leathers, but we love this piece just the way it is!

Tell us what you think of this room!  We would love to know your opinion!