What You Should Know About…Kaleen Rugs

This Thanksgiving weekend, our customers enjoy a 20% discount on all Kaleen rugs, in addition to our already low prices. Being family-owned and vertically-integrated might seem like buzz terms used to add style and hype to a brand’s image, but Kaleen places special meaning behind those words. From sourcing the fiber to dyeing the yarn, to designing and weaving the rugs to selling the finished product, the family in charge of Kaleen Rugs is involved in every step, eliminating process inefficiencies to lower manufacturing costs. That kind of meticulous quality control results in a high-quality product Rug & Home is able to offer our customers at a great value.


Kaleen Rugs specializes exclusively in hand-tufted rugs, consistently pushing the boundaries of fashion with their modern designs. With simple, clean, fresh designs, it’s hard to deny Kaleen their position as the best in the hand-tufted world.


Every rug collection is personally curated by the Rug & Home buying team. Here are some of our favorites:

Nomad NOMO6 Red

Nomad: Hand-tufted, flat-woven construction gives these geo-prints and tribal designs a global, well-traveled feel. 5′ x 8′ – $339

Matira MAT02-17 Blue

Matira: Inspired by the secluded beaches of Bora Bora, these indoor-outdoor rugs will brighten any room! 5′ x 7’6″ – $269

Casablanca CAS04 Ivory

Casablanca: Trendy Moroccan designs featured in hand-tufted wool. 5′ x 8′ – $339


Bimini: These hand-tufted polypropylene indoor-outdoor rugs provide a simple look with a soft hand. 5′ x 8′ – $219

Does Lighting Really Make a Difference?

Prior to having ever set foot in a Rug & Home store, I admittedly had never shopped for a rug in my life. Like most wide-eyed individuals, I was overwhelmed by the sizes and variety of options these works of art come in. You can only imagine my surprise when I settled on liking a slate grey number, it’s dropped to the floor, and immediately the color has changed. Huh? To a rug shopping newbie, the concept of light and dark side can be a “wow” moment. What may appear bright and “light” on one side, changes to darker and less lustrous on the other. This is true of all wool rugs and even some machine made rugs though the intensity will vary based on color palette and fibers.

Silk rugs have the most variation in sheen. This variation is the nature of the nap of the rug (compare it to vacuuming carpet and the ‘lines’ that appear when vacuuming) and not a defect of any sort. If you’re looking for an exact coloration throughout, your best bet may be a tufted or machine made rug, however, I would argue that the reversibility of sorts may be beneficial for certain seasons when you may want a different perspective on color. Silver sheen may be bright in a dull winter, but a grey tone may be more suitable to a colorful summer. Does lighting really make a difference? Absolutely! Look at both sides of your rug when shopping to get the full experience of color. 


By: Samantha Palacio

Making Changes with Karastan

When you think of Karastan, you may envision the colorful, traditional style rugs that they have been known for, for nearly 90 years. Karastan unveiled a fresh line of new designs, custom dyes, and shag style rugs at the Atlanta Market this January and we are proud to be supporting National Karastan Month here at Rug & Home. I’m here to tell you that these new arrivals are not your grandma’s rugs! Moroccan inspired  designs, lush family room shags… Karastan has opened up to a whole new market of rug buyers and we are thrilled for the opportunity to bring you the change.

Karastan takes pride in the easy clean up and longevity of wear. Have you heard of the “Wonder Rug”? In the midst of a Great Depression, Karastan introduced a 12×15 rug to the 1933-34 Chicago World’s Fair. Here they invited 5 million people to trample this rug and they did it again 5 years later to total 13 million people gracing this tree of life pattern with muddy footprints, and many stories. The words: “If this rug could only talk,” come to mind here. Look at this amazing before & after clean up depiction. If you are as intrigued as I am, read more about the story here. I promise it won’t disappoint. 

Hard to believe a rug can retain such radiant luster after 80 years! I think this is a beautiful depiction of quality you can expect of this manufacturer. Karastan strives to match the quality and craftsmanship of its counterpart – the handwoven one-of-a-kind treasures we sell here every day. Down to the fringe and bright colors that mimic its more costly cousin, you would likely be fooled unless not a trained rug connoisseur. 

Did you know that by purchasing Karastan you are supporting domestic jobs? Karastan is a North Carolina-based company bringing local jobs and revenue back into our home state. You can feel good about your purchase both aesthetically and domestically. No pun intended. 

Karastan uses renewable ingredients such as wool and “renewably sourced polymers” committing themselves to the environmentalism bandwagon. The science behind the making of handwoven rugs produces a positive footprint on the environment with longevity reducing energy consumption. To break it down – much like wool hand-knotted’s, these rugs can be passed down or sold off once your family has tired of the look. The endurance of a Karastan rug insures less filling of the landfill and happy homeowners all around. 


By: Samantha Palacio

The Allergy Dilemma

If you suffer from allergies, you may have been drawn to hardwood floors for their ease at cleaning dust mites and dander. Carpet, though entirely cleanable, is still known to trap dust and dirt that even the most expensive of vacuums can’t remove completely. The problem with hardwoods is that they are not energy-efficient and are just plain cold at certain times of the year. Warmth is still attainable with these 4 tips for selecting a rug when allergies are a consideration:

1. Assess your needs. Where is the rug going? There are several different rug materials and each can function in some areas better than others. Wool, for instance, is very durable and works well in high-trafficked areas. It also happens to be a material that some are allergic too, however. If you have a wool-allergen, you would be advised to avoid tufted rugs as they tend to shed and the wool fibers may cause irritation for the allergy-sufferer. 

2. Are you allergic to natural grasses? Natural fiber rugs such as jute and sisal are popular for their neutral tones and clean, minimalist look. If tolerable, these make a great alternative in living spaces and under foot in the bedroom.

3. Maintenance. Proper care of your rugs ensure longevity and keep your home fresh. Be sure to roll your rugs periodically and clean the surfaces beneath them. Particles that may become lodged beneath the rug can cause damage to the backing over time. A good pad will not only adhere the rug to the floor but not mark your floors and protect them from the daily use the rug is getting. Proper cleaning will also rid the rug and surrounding floors from any dust and germs that may be irritating. 

4. Machine made rugs may be the answer. If you are allergic to wool or natural fibers, a machine-made rug may be best. Machine made rugs are easy to clean, do not shed their content, and are made from synthetic fibers. Due to the synthetic nature these rugs are also known to be made with vibrant colors that will retain their color over time. 

Do not feel discouraged if you are one of the one in five* persons that suffer from allergies. Though we may have to do a little extra dusting here or there (face masks may or may not be donned), there are still many beautiful options out there to dress our floors with! 

Written By: Samantha Palacio

* Statistic from WebMD: http://www.webmd.com/allergies/allergy-statistics

Trend Alert: Geometrics

Blocks, dots, and lattice, oh my! We know it all to well: the clean lines, the hard edges, the contemporary prints. If you put them into one category we call them: geometrics. They work in every home of the house where you may want to add a modern edge and there are no color restrictions or common colors. In fact, you can find a rug that includes [almost] every color of the rainbow in multicolored blocks. It’s true!

It’s an acquired taste, not everyone’s cup of tea, though lately we are seeing the geometrics go viral. The wonderful thing about the geometric niche (if you are not a fan already) is that the clean lines make decorating a breeze. They can be artistic or a means to simply streamline a space. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this new trend!

Here are some examples of basic geometric prints from popular collections:


KAS ‘Kidding Around
American Rug Craftsmen ‘Dryden

Momeni Geo

 Which is your favorite?

Why Buy a Rug?

Get big impact on a minimal budget by caring for your floors. Like building a house, you should always start with the foundation first. You may be asking yourself, “why do I need a rug?”


You want to protect your floors with some sort of carpeting or rugs for longevity. Hardwood floors and even laminate will wear over time. Movement of furniture is especially damaging to flooring as it drags or moves with use. A rug will anchor the furniture and keep the furniture from scarring the flooring itself. It also protects it from general foot traffic.
While they may be the source of board games, movie-watching, and morning shuffles, they are not the most eye-catching part of the home… or are they? Placing a rug in the center of your living room can brighten up the dull look of old furniture or faded walls.
Look for bright new colors that won’t fade in a machine made or go for a completely new look with a colorful hand-knotted rug made of recycled sari silk [pictured below]. Bonus: Sari silk feels like cashmere for the feet. Walk on it, and nothing else will compare.

Think about it… It’s the first thing your feet touch in the morning. How does your flooring feel? Does it feel warm and cozy or are you jolted awake by aching pine boards? You’ll be amazed at the effects a simple rug can bring to a room and to your comfort level. Sinking your toes into a soft viscose rug is similar to the feeling of a cozy robe in chilly winter months. Comfort transforms our mood and our outlook on life in general.

To answer the question, “why do you need a rug?” It’s all about comfort and protection. Care for your floors, cover them with comfort, and you will be amazed at how the feel of your home transforms.

*Don’t forget to properly care for your floors. Check out these great tips on cleaning hardwood floors from Our Fifth House

By: Samantha Palacio

It’s a Revolution

In the famous words of Stacy London: “Shut the front door!” Feast your eyes on the Evolution & Revolution collections from Kaleen. These high-quality tufted wool rugs feature modern, geometric designs in vibrant colors that will work with any sleek design.

Teal is always a favorite.

Navies are a calming hue and pair well with orange, yellow, and reds.

The neutral grey tone in this rug makes it a great choice for a pattern-filled space. Just remember to mix it with a smaller, complimentary print.

Check our Facebook page for updates and photos of more rugs from these trendy collections.

In stores only, these fabulous collections (and more) are on sale for just $199 in a 5×8* size!

Not close to one of our locations? Shop our ONLINE sale! Rugs priced $199 and under here and here.

*5×8 size is approximate. Different rug manufacturers may vary to 5 x 7.6 and 5 x 7.9.