Vintage Modern Inspiration

I embarked on this journey to vintage modern inspiration with much reading and much inspiration from various mediums such as Apartment Therapy, and even our beloved Pinterest. If you do a search for ‘vintage modern’ your results will display a wide range of understandings. From Hannah and Dave’s vintage apartment [left], to the very new styling’s of Schnadig flair back sofas and our beloved tufted backs. There are many ways to define this trend.

A lot of homes nowadays have a mixture of vintage or older style furnishings, mixed with a few more modern trends. In other words, beloved well-worn pieces with a few newbies mixed in here and there. There is nothing wrong with this. This is what I would consider the average man’s reality. If you fall into the bracket of fortunate folks who can build from the ground up and then still afford to furnish the whole house – lucky you! But for those of you who may be in the market for just the sofa, and not the entire living room group, we’re here to inspire you too! Vintage modern is not a style that requires an entire room makeover, it encompasses a way of life. Are you feeling at home yet?

In the furniture world, we are seeing classic frames introduced in chic fabrics and custom color combinations to make a classic style jive within in a modern home. Have you braved the maze that is Ikea? I honestly look forward to the first of the year because I can get my hands on all the lovely catalog inspiration, eliminating my need to feel overwhelmed by so much stuff in their showroom. Ikea is notorious for its simplistic design and its sleek lines can often fit into this category. I have to commend Design Sponge whose use of Ikea products helped to create this simplistic version of vintage modern decor. A very attainable look and inexpensive upgrade if you are trying to decide how to dress up that hand-me-down kitchen table.

Sleek consoles like this one pictured in Mememolly and Mike’s apartment, are characteristic of how we are seeing modern furniture paired with classic (i.e. their tufted chair) furniture. Pastel Furniture carries sleek, modern consoles identical to this one and furniture manufacturers such as Lexington, Bernhardt, Century Furniture, and Hooker are all well versed in tufted. A tribal print or well-worn traditional rug would be envisioned in a space like this.

I’m a visual learner so to give you another perspective on vintage modern decor, I’ve created a sophisticated take on the style using our Annie Sofa, Pastel TV stand, and Nomad rug by Kaleen. A Bernhardt industrial chic side table gives you a place to prop a drink and some fun mixed media art by Uttermost adds ‘texture’ and interest as a backdrop. Surya pillows in a complimentary pattern add comfort and fur has been very popular recently. Mixing different textures is a must for some depth. Vintage modern can match, or it cannot. It’s not imperative either way, and that makes it one of my most favorite styles of decorating. 

If you’re still looking for your niche, I’m not done yet. We’ve got upcoming trends in geometrics, tips for remodeling, and new product introductions that will make you drool so keep coming back for more home decor eye-candy.

Written By: Samantha Palacio

It’s a Revolution

In the famous words of Stacy London: “Shut the front door!” Feast your eyes on the Evolution & Revolution collections from Kaleen. These high-quality tufted wool rugs feature modern, geometric designs in vibrant colors that will work with any sleek design.

Teal is always a favorite.

Navies are a calming hue and pair well with orange, yellow, and reds.

The neutral grey tone in this rug makes it a great choice for a pattern-filled space. Just remember to mix it with a smaller, complimentary print.

Check our Facebook page for updates and photos of more rugs from these trendy collections.

In stores only, these fabulous collections (and more) are on sale for just $199 in a 5×8* size!

Not close to one of our locations? Shop our ONLINE sale! Rugs priced $199 and under here and here.

*5×8 size is approximate. Different rug manufacturers may vary to 5 x 7.6 and 5 x 7.9.

Rugs for Warmth


We all know rugs come in many different sizes and styles, but let’s face it: most of us are purchasing rugs for practicality. It’s a rarity these days to hear of a new home built with all carpet. That’s just not the “in” thing to do. We’re installing hardwoods in most of our common trafficked areas and then we’re faced with the dilemma that the floors are too cold. What do you do to warm up the space and preserve those hardwood floors? You lay down a rug!

It’s always humorous to me that customers remark on having spent so much money to lay down hardwood floors “just to cover them up.”The science of the situation is that hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain, but they do nothing for sound proofing. Who wants to get out of the bed and step on ice? You’re probably not raising your hand right now. The purchase of a rug doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re covering up your floors. Truthfully, if you are using design ideas in mind, you want to keep the rug approximately 18” from the floorboards. This allows for vents, air flow, and depth, but that’s another story. The practicality of the rug is to warm up the room.

966d3b3e810d13aeb150c8b9237c8e0dDepending on the space you may want something thick and fluffy like a shag in your family room or something flat and coarse like a flat woven rug in your kitchen area. A timeless hand knotted offers warmth and durability making it a perfect solution for beneath a bed or in a formal living room.  A hand tufted rug offers comfort and durability in a well-traveled living room but is also fire resistant making it perfect for in front of a fireplace. Beth Keim created this beautiful living space using a neutral Surya rug.


The Surya Calypso rug brings comfort into this eclectic space designed by Lucy and Company. They’ve dressed up builder’s grade carpet and brought in both warmth and comfort.


From Traditional to Contemporary, rugs are always a good choice for introducing warmth into your home. Accentuate with bold color or blend in with a neutral tone.
We’ve got options for everyone! Stay tuned for a lesson on Designing with Mirrors later this week.

Written By: Samantha Palacio

High Point Market – April 2013

Our buyers were in HIgh Point last Month for Market and took hundreds of pictures of new product and new design ideas!  We are always trying to stay up to date with the newest trends and designs.  Let us know what you like and what you want to see on our showroom floors!

bernhardt gold & gray

Grey and gold make a bold and elegant statement in both furnishings and accessories.   bernhardt navyThere’s a new take on the classic white and navy with the addition of jewel tones and contemporary designs.


Throw pillows come in so many varieties of colors and patterns!

kid lamps

These fun kid’s lamps would be new for us.  Let us know if you like these!


We love this fresh, new bedding with bold pops of color!

Rug & Home Products at the Charlotte Southern Spring Show

This Thomas Crown Affair movie-inspired office was designed by Charlotte designer, Ruth McKinney, for the Charlotte Southern Spring Show and won 1st place for its exceptional design!  All of the furniture, lamps, and accessories were provided by Rug & Home.  We congratulate Ruth on her incredible work and welcome you to contact us with any product inquiries on the items you see pictured here!

photo 3   photo 4 photo 2 photo 1

Sari Silk – The Ultimate Recycled Rugs

Sari Silk — The Ultimate Recycled Rugs
upcyclesariSome call it recycling; others think the process deserves a name with a more positive connotation. Thus, the term upcycling was born. Upcycling means taking something that would otherwise be thrown away — in this case, fabric — and making it into an even better product. In upcycling, the old parts do not equal the new whole.
Sari Silk rugs are an upcycling success story. Made from the silk that once graced the saris destined to be worn by Indian women, these rugs have become some of the most colorful, most imaginative, and most sought-after pieces on the market today. A sari is a four-to-nine-yard length of cloth, often silk, that women wrap around themselves as their garment.
sari5Upcycling Saris
The saris upcycled into rugs are typically composed of handspun silk. Since the rugs’ popularity has skyrocketed, women’s cooperatives in India have developed a cottage industry to create the vibrant silk thread that’s then used to hand-knot the fabulous rugs.
The women unravel unused saris by hand, fortify the extracted silk with cotton, wool, or other fibers, and then weave the threads into unique patterns that end up looking like pieces of art — which they are. The breathtaking creations, made entirely of this fortified sari silk, are saturated with colors and are so soft that you may find yourself wanting to leave the sofa to snuggle on the floor.
One-of-a-Kind Masterpieces
No two Sari Silk rugs are alike because of the variety of the source saris collected by the Indian women. Once the fabric has been hand-knotted into rugs, they become the one-of-a-kind masterpieces you can find at Rug & Home.
These hand-crafted works of art contain inconsistencies in their patterns and variations in their colors — elements that heighten their beauty instead of detracting from it. You will experience an infinite variety of sari1color in your Sari Silk rugs.
Caring for Your Treasures
These natural rugs are durable and will hold up for decades if you take care of them properly. Don’t place your Sari Silk rug in a place that receives heavy traffic, but do lay them on top of a quality rug pad, such as those sold at Rug & Home. You may also want to keep it out of direct sunlight.
Put your colorful work of art where it will be seen rather than trampled, such as by a corner sitting area, underneath a table or baby grand piano, or in your bedroom. Some owners love their rugs too much to walk on them, preferring instead to hang them on the wall.
Sari Silk rugs require gentle vacuuming with suction only, although you can have them hand-washed by a professional cleaner as needed.
It’s worth the little extra time and the effort it takes to care for a Sari Silk rug because they will last longer. In the end, you won’t think of them as upcycled or even recycled … you’ll just love and respect the beauty of your one-of-a-kind rug.

Oushak Carpets: The “New” Antiques

new antiques image3

Oushak carpets originated in 15th-century Turkey, named after the town where these wool carpets were first woven. Oushak (sometimes referred to as “Ushak”) carpets employ a particular design sensibility, such as repeating patterns of stars or medallions, but they became popular because of the way they’ve faded.

Faded Colors

Natural fading occurs when a rug is exposed to sunlight — even artificial light from fluorescent lamps can hasten the fading process in your rugs. In addition, fumes from chemicals found in cosmetics, air fresheners, insecticides, perfumes, and household cleaning products can accelerate this fading. Sometimes, the effect is pleasant. After all, who doesn’t want an antiquenew antiques image5 rug?

Oushak carpets are distinctive because of their washed-out look. Oushaks were usually dyed with natural red colorings that tend to fade more than blues, greens, and black dyes. The smaller molecules in the red pigment — more susceptible to the ozone in the atmosphere — end up over time looking more like coral.

After centuries of gracing floors around the world, a true Oushak naturally looks faded. Since wool rugs fade an average of 4-to-8 percent each year, you can imagine what a true antique might look like after centuries of fading.

Modern Techniques

An Oushak carpet is meant to look like an antique, even if it’s fresh off the loom — or directly from the

This handknotted rug has the traditional design associated with an Oushak rug.  Because of te quality of its construction, you can bet on this rug surviving several generations!

This handknotted rug has the traditional design associated with an Oushak rug. Because of te quality of its construction, you can bet on this rug surviving several generations!

factory machines. Modern hand-knotted rugs use wool that’s dyed a light, subtle color so that the fading looks as if it were created from years of exposure. The final appearance mimics the original. These new carpets give your home a warm, inviting, lived-in look without the tatters and tears of a real antique. They are as durable as any hand-knotted rug, meaning you should expect them to last for generations.

The look has become so popular that weavers in Persia and India have developed a mild washing technique to give their rugs that slightly used appearance. As the colors in their carpets naturally mellow unevenly, the numerous washings leech some of the original dyes to recreate the Oushak look.

Hand-tufted crafters employ similar techniques. Unlike the hand-knotted versions, however, the faded wool used in a hand-tufted piece is uniform, so the overall appearance tends to look more worn than naturally faded. As a result, very few hand-tufted manufacturers create Oushak rugs because the finished product comes off as obviously fake.

Karastan does a good job of producing the worn look of an Oushak.  This design from karastan is one of the many designs from Karastan available at Rug & Home.

Karastan does a good job of producing the worn look of an Oushak. This design from Karastan is one of the many designs from Karastan available at Rug & Home.

Machine rug manufacturers, on the other hand, have done a much better job of recreating the Oushak look. With synthetic dyes and thin, uniform naps, the rugs can pull off the reproduction. Up close, a rug aficionado will be able to determine that your rug is synthetic and not authentic, but you can still capture the feeling of the ancient rug-makers and their generational art in certain machine-made products.

To learn more about the value and beauty of Oushak carpets, come in to one of our Rug & Home locations and ask one of our consultants. An Oushak gives any room a depth of artistic respectability. It can grace a room filled with antique heirlooms or compliment a room with more modern décor. All while nodding in homage to the ancient masters of its craft.

Fall for the New Fall Colors

Bring a ray of optimism into your décor with Pantone’s fall pick for 2012 – Tangerine Tango

They do it every season. Pantone, the leading authority on color, releases new colors that you will see in every product where color is a variable: in fashion, in furniture, in automobiles … and in rugs. Dedicated followers of fashion look forward to the hot new colors every season. But even if following trends doesn’t inspire your personal choices, chances are you will find a new color to love.

So let’s examine the new colors for Fall 2012.

Pantone tells us that Tangerine Tango is the number one hot color for this season, followed by French Roast, Honey Gold, Pink Flamingo, and Ultramarine Green. The color trends for fall are not surprising since they follow closely the trends we saw in the spring that suited the mood of the country — optimistic, yet reserved.

Consumer confidence continues to climb as 2012 nears its end, clearly demonstrated in the orange, pink, and green colors that are so lively and vibrant. At the same time, the country is taking it slow and moderating its optimism, obvious in the complementary earth tones of deep brown and gold.

What does this mean for you? These colors are strong, yet familiar. If you like being on the cutting edge, you’ll be able to comfortably slip into this color-way while trying something new. There are sure to be fashion-forward ideas for updating a room or decorating your first home. If you know what you like and don’t want to change, you might find these colors make excellent highlights, complementing your current favorites.

Place these modern glass vases to add a pop of vibrant color.

What does this mean for your home? If you decorate (or redecorate) with these trends in mind, you’ll find it easier to match complementary accessories in your local retail outlets. Stick with a basic brown and gold base for your furnishings. Then add the bright, optimistic colors in your rugs, pictures, pillows, and window treatments.

Set a bright tangerine orange rug in your den under your deep brown leather sectional. Go ahead and bring a loud, happy pink plush shag rug into your bedroom to brighten up a room that’s held traditional dark wood furniture and kept you stuck in yesterday.

Start small if you’re anxious about making big changes. Add orange, pink, and green pillows to every room, for example, or switch out your dried flower dining table centerpiece with a modern glass vase in one of the new colors. These optimistic tones speak of renewed vitality, prosperity and fun. Fall is a season of change. Make yours one to inspire!

Pantone is the company that sets the color trends year after year. The business was originally founded by Lawrence Herbert in 1963 to solve problems encountered by graphic artists who needed help producing the most accurate color matches in their work. Herbert came up with a spectrum of coordinating and matching colors that artists could rely on when faced with difficult choices. The innovative fan color format has since morphed the company into the global authority on colors. Industries ranging from fashion to paint, from digital design to plastics, and from textiles to advertising rely on Pantone and its renowned language of color to set the pace for trends.

Trend Alert: What the heck is ikat??

You may be asking yourself that if you have heard this buzz word being used around the water cooler, ahem, we mean in interior design and home fashion magazines (home fashion trends may be too cool for the water cooler!). We’re here to help you understand this latest trend, and its origins, that seems to be just about everywhere, from pillows to upholstery to rugs!

Ikat (pronounced ee-kaht, not eye-kaht) is actually a technique used in dyeing that creates a pattern similar to that of tie-dye or batik prints. However, the use of the term “ikat” in home furnishings doesn’t necessarily signify the technique used to create that item, although it might for upholstered pieces, but, rather, it is used to indicate the presence of the type of pattern this unique style of dyeing creates.

Ikat designs are characterized by rough, jagged edges to pattern components, creating an almost blurred effect. These designs also often have diamond shapes incorporated in some concrete or abstract manner.

There are numerous variations of an ikat design, but whatever the style and colors used, ikat is said to be a symbol of wealth, power, status and prestige, and is even believed to have magical powers! Go ahead – bring a little magic into your own home with ikat!

Source: Wikipedia

For more on ikat rugs and home furnishings and how you can incorporate this look into your own home, visit one of our locations and speak with a design associate, or ask us any questions you may have by emailing us at!

Trend Alert: Script Your Life with Home Furnishings!

Everywhere you look these days in home furnishings and interior design magazines, you will notice a trend: chests, chairs, rugs, and many other pieces are adorned with lettering and words to create a romantic, ode-to-France kind of look.

Perhaps the appeal of this style is the personal feeling that handwritten messages bring in this digital world, or maybe these pieces fulfill the dream of love letters for single and married women alike!  Whatever the reason may be, you will find words and scripts in various forms from English poems, to French quotes, to more urban-looking phrases.

A great way to incorporate this look into your own home is with a single piece to become the focal point of any room!

Use a chest like this to dress up a bedroom, foyer, or even as an elegant focal piece in the living room with a gorgeous pair of lamps on top!

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