High Point Market Spring 2014

Our buyers have returned from the hustle and bustle of High Point Market with jaw-dropping inspiration from some of our vendors’ showrooms. There are lots of exciting new products coming to Rug & Home and we will be welcoming in some new vendors this year. I am personally excited about the thoughts of some of the Steampunk inspirations from a vendor: Mercana. We can outfit any style here at Rug & Home, always offering the latest in home decor trends.

Classic Home has brought forth a collection of pillows that is swoon-worthy. A far cry from traditional florals, these geometric and Moroccan-inspired designs certainly turn heads.

Century’s sleek dining design is modern and sophisticated. Coming your way soon at Rug & Home!

Allstate Florals has blown us away with their vibrant purple hues indicative of Pantone’s color of the year: radiant orchid. Stop by to see our large selection of florals on display at our three locations.

We hope you loved this sneak peek of some of our favorite market trends. Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more scenes from market, as well as Facebook for an album.

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By: Samantha Palacio

The Psychology of Color

If you’re completely clueless on what hue you’d like to put in your new home, I’d like to introduce a concept to you: the Psychology of Color. If you have a blank slate, you may be overwhelmed by the task of choosing from a whole rainbow of color. The Psychology of Color will help you choose shades considering the environment you are putting the color in. If you are painting a playroom, you may want colors that are energetic and youthful (Vibrant Orange or Bright Blue). In a bedroom you may want something relaxing (Neutral Grey or Light Green) or sensual (Bright Red). 

Use this fabulous color chart to get some inspiration for the feelings or vibe(s) you want your space to invoke. You’ve entered a whole new world of decorating mentality when you start to consider the psychology behind your color choices!

Any go-to hues out there? We’d love to know your favorite shade!


By: Samantha Palacio

Favorite Things Friday

1. Century Furniture Tyler Etagere // 2. Uttermost Bronze Figures S/2 // 3. Century Furniture Jones Long Sofa // 4. Momeni Delhi Rug // 5. Black Cubista Stool // 6. BellavueRug

Masculine sophistication brought to you by Rug & Home and featuring Century Furniture. This gorgeous navy sofa was the inspiration for it all. Pair it with bold accessories, popular metallics, and sophisticated art for any study or formal living room space!

Trend Alert: Geometrics

Blocks, dots, and lattice, oh my! We know it all to well: the clean lines, the hard edges, the contemporary prints. If you put them into one category we call them: geometrics. They work in every home of the house where you may want to add a modern edge and there are no color restrictions or common colors. In fact, you can find a rug that includes [almost] every color of the rainbow in multicolored blocks. It’s true!

It’s an acquired taste, not everyone’s cup of tea, though lately we are seeing the geometrics go viral. The wonderful thing about the geometric niche (if you are not a fan already) is that the clean lines make decorating a breeze. They can be artistic or a means to simply streamline a space. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this new trend!

Here are some examples of basic geometric prints from popular collections:


KAS ‘Kidding Around
American Rug Craftsmen ‘Dryden

Momeni Geo

 Which is your favorite?

Why Buy a Rug?

Get big impact on a minimal budget by caring for your floors. Like building a house, you should always start with the foundation first. You may be asking yourself, “why do I need a rug?”


You want to protect your floors with some sort of carpeting or rugs for longevity. Hardwood floors and even laminate will wear over time. Movement of furniture is especially damaging to flooring as it drags or moves with use. A rug will anchor the furniture and keep the furniture from scarring the flooring itself. It also protects it from general foot traffic.
While they may be the source of board games, movie-watching, and morning shuffles, they are not the most eye-catching part of the home… or are they? Placing a rug in the center of your living room can brighten up the dull look of old furniture or faded walls.
Look for bright new colors that won’t fade in a machine made or go for a completely new look with a colorful hand-knotted rug made of recycled sari silk [pictured below]. Bonus: Sari silk feels like cashmere for the feet. Walk on it, and nothing else will compare.

Think about it… It’s the first thing your feet touch in the morning. How does your flooring feel? Does it feel warm and cozy or are you jolted awake by aching pine boards? You’ll be amazed at the effects a simple rug can bring to a room and to your comfort level. Sinking your toes into a soft viscose rug is similar to the feeling of a cozy robe in chilly winter months. Comfort transforms our mood and our outlook on life in general.

To answer the question, “why do you need a rug?” It’s all about comfort and protection. Care for your floors, cover them with comfort, and you will be amazed at how the feel of your home transforms.

*Don’t forget to properly care for your floors. Check out these great tips on cleaning hardwood floors from Our Fifth House

By: Samantha Palacio

Vintage Modern Inspiration

I embarked on this journey to vintage modern inspiration with much reading and much inspiration from various mediums such as Apartment Therapy, and even our beloved Pinterest. If you do a search for ‘vintage modern’ your results will display a wide range of understandings. From Hannah and Dave’s vintage apartment [left], to the very new styling’s of Schnadig flair back sofas and our beloved tufted backs. There are many ways to define this trend.

A lot of homes nowadays have a mixture of vintage or older style furnishings, mixed with a few more modern trends. In other words, beloved well-worn pieces with a few newbies mixed in here and there. There is nothing wrong with this. This is what I would consider the average man’s reality. If you fall into the bracket of fortunate folks who can build from the ground up and then still afford to furnish the whole house – lucky you! But for those of you who may be in the market for just the sofa, and not the entire living room group, we’re here to inspire you too! Vintage modern is not a style that requires an entire room makeover, it encompasses a way of life. Are you feeling at home yet?

In the furniture world, we are seeing classic frames introduced in chic fabrics and custom color combinations to make a classic style jive within in a modern home. Have you braved the maze that is Ikea? I honestly look forward to the first of the year because I can get my hands on all the lovely catalog inspiration, eliminating my need to feel overwhelmed by so much stuff in their showroom. Ikea is notorious for its simplistic design and its sleek lines can often fit into this category. I have to commend Design Sponge whose use of Ikea products helped to create this simplistic version of vintage modern decor. A very attainable look and inexpensive upgrade if you are trying to decide how to dress up that hand-me-down kitchen table.

Sleek consoles like this one pictured in Mememolly and Mike’s apartment, are characteristic of how we are seeing modern furniture paired with classic (i.e. their tufted chair) furniture. Pastel Furniture carries sleek, modern consoles identical to this one and furniture manufacturers such as Lexington, Bernhardt, Century Furniture, and Hooker are all well versed in tufted. A tribal print or well-worn traditional rug would be envisioned in a space like this.

I’m a visual learner so to give you another perspective on vintage modern decor, I’ve created a sophisticated take on the style using our Annie Sofa, Pastel TV stand, and Nomad rug by Kaleen. A Bernhardt industrial chic side table gives you a place to prop a drink and some fun mixed media art by Uttermost adds ‘texture’ and interest as a backdrop. Surya pillows in a complimentary pattern add comfort and fur has been very popular recently. Mixing different textures is a must for some depth. Vintage modern can match, or it cannot. It’s not imperative either way, and that makes it one of my most favorite styles of decorating. 

If you’re still looking for your niche, I’m not done yet. We’ve got upcoming trends in geometrics, tips for remodeling, and new product introductions that will make you drool so keep coming back for more home decor eye-candy.

Written By: Samantha Palacio

Mixed Media Craze

Mixed Media art is defined as:

A technique involving the use of two or more artistic media, such as ink and pastel or painting and collage, that are combined in a single composition.

 The beauty of Mixed Media art is that it is not defined to one particular style. While mixed media art may work well with contemporary or eclectic home decor, it is a category all its own. Combining many different textures together, art can be made romantic, modern, whimsical, classic, and so on. There are no color restrictions and bits of paper medium or even lace are often introduced. Mixed Media is layer, upon texture of pure Art expression. It is not for the faint or neutral of heart.  

Art, as we all know, can be created to any scale to suit the needs of a home. From large headboard-sized canvas to smaller conversation groupings like this painting [to the left] by Alisa Burke. Alisa Burke is artist, teacher, and blogger whose original mixed media paintings have inspired an industry of reproductions, DIY-ers, and writers like myself to voice self-expression through art. Mixed Media is a form of Art and home decor with a heart of its own.  

Mixed media art has even crossed over into the fashion industry, like seen in this tutorial by Ashley at Lil Blue Boo. DIY-er’s alike are re-purposing and recovering to create styles all their own using mixed media techniques. If you’ve never ‘met’ Ashley, I encourage you to take a tour around LBB. You will not leave uninspired. 

Companies like Uttermost have created prints that make mixed media art far more affordable than original, large-scale pieces. You can mix and match paintings of this style for an eclectic look. Depending on the size of the canvas, they are great conversation pictures for a gallery wall. 

‘Hearts of the City’ hand painted by Uttermost


Picture this: a functional sitting space inspired by Mixed Media. Here, we are pairing Rug & Home vendors, such as Caracole, around a Mixed Media art original of the city. 


Feeling inspired? Pick up a brush. The best thing of all about Mixed Media art?

It is about expression, not perfection.


Definition source: The Free Dictionary

Written by: Samantha Palacio

Pile: What’s That?

If you’re an avid rug shopper, you may be familiar with different styles of rugs. If not, you may be surprised to learn that there are many different types: hand-woven, hand-knottedmachine-madehand tuftedflat woven, etc. A common rug term that is thrown around in the business is pile. Pile refers to the height of the fibers in the rug and is most commonly used as short pile, long pile, or shag

Surya Aztec

Short pile is typically of a machine-made or hand-knotted rug. The fibers are “short” and not plush. These typically have longer lifespans or are more durable to frequent vacuuming and high-traffic areas.  They are functional for warmth, some can be used in indoor/outdoor spaces, and the machine-made categories are the least expensive of rugs types.

Long pile rugs or shags should be used in less-trafficked areas of the home such as a bedroom. These rugs especially need to be vacuumed with care and cleaned with a good dry cleaning solution to prevent soiling. They are perfect for areas where you want to create a cozy setting and are commonly the preferred choice for playrooms as well. Typically, hand-tufted rugs are an inch in pile height but offer the longevity of a wool rug being fire-resistant, energy-efficient, and moisture balancing. 

We recommend that when vacuuming, you should raise the beater bar of your vacuum to extend the life of the rug and preserve the fibers no matter what the height of the pile is. There are several things to consider when choosing a rug, but the two most important things to consider when thinking about pile are: where is the rug going and are you looking for comfort?  The rest falls into place with that in mind. If you have questions about selecting the perfect rug or further questions regarding pile, please comment below or send a submission to the “contact us” form to the right.


Written By: Samantha Palacio

Florals for Conversation

Greenery, not only adds color to a home, but it adds life. Faux plants are a great way to accessorize and add impact to a space with minimal cost. You can add plants that follow your color scheme or use something totally unexpected to bring in a pop of something new. These orange tulips break up the contemporary black on white feel in this room above for instance.

Tip #1:

Less is more. Don’t go overboard with flower arrangements and faux trees. You’re not trying to bring the outdoors, inside. Greenery should compliment you r space with adding life and color; it should never overwhelm guests.

Tip #2:

 As with pillows, scale your greenery. Make sure your centerpieces are in proportion with what you are styling.

Tip #3:

 Symmetry! One small plant on a mantle is insufficient but try a group of small, similar plants for impact.

 Tip #4:

 Like mirrors, plants can add height to a space. Use a tall, romantic plant to add visual interest. Use shorter plants on coffee tables, side tables, and end tables to add some color in small bunches. Add interest to open space by placing a plant strategically behind a floating sofa like we’ve done here.

For more ideas and pictures of how to incorporate florals into your home, visit us on Pinterest! We’ve pinned several of our favorites ideas here. “Remember that decorating your home is only the beginning: living in it means allowing it to change on a continual basis,” Ann Grafton, Interior Transformations.

Written By: Samantha Palacio