Top 5: Color in Unexpected Ways

In home decorating, it’s perfectly acceptable to ‘think outside the box.’ We’ve compiled a list of Top 5 favorite ways to unexpectedly add bold color to your space and why they are so fresh. 

1. The unexpected pop of lime green accents this space very well. This dining space is cheerful and light alongside the exposed brick. You can easily imagine enjoying many citrus-flavored meals in this gathering.
2. Where do I begin in this space? While this decorista kept to a flowing color palette, there are lots of color pops to notice here making it difficult to look away. What makes it unexpected you may ask? The unique use of window sills to display artwork and greenery. If you are fortunate to live in a home with windows ledges, these are a perfect opportunity to display accents in unexpected ways.
3. I will likely never tire of this simple pop of color drawn onto the walls in this space. I have seen several amazing renditions of geometric patterned accent walls, but the simplicity of lines is very eye-catching here. I can’t decide if it looks like my child drew it on or it’s an eccentric wallpaper. 
Either way … love it!
4. Iridescent shower tiles. This photo needs no explanation, but if you have to have one: how can you not love this? It’s gorgeous and surely trumps traditional shower stalls!
5. Forego a stair runner and paint your risers in desirable hues! Accent the foyer with a coordinating rug for bursts of color in the entry. This falls at number 5, but it certainly no less of a favorite!
By: Samantha Palacio

The Psychology of Color

If you’re completely clueless on what hue you’d like to put in your new home, I’d like to introduce a concept to you: the Psychology of Color. If you have a blank slate, you may be overwhelmed by the task of choosing from a whole rainbow of color. The Psychology of Color will help you choose shades considering the environment you are putting the color in. If you are painting a playroom, you may want colors that are energetic and youthful (Vibrant Orange or Bright Blue). In a bedroom you may want something relaxing (Neutral Grey or Light Green) or sensual (Bright Red). 

Use this fabulous color chart to get some inspiration for the feelings or vibe(s) you want your space to invoke. You’ve entered a whole new world of decorating mentality when you start to consider the psychology behind your color choices!

Any go-to hues out there? We’d love to know your favorite shade!


By: Samantha Palacio

The Allergy Dilemma

If you suffer from allergies, you may have been drawn to hardwood floors for their ease at cleaning dust mites and dander. Carpet, though entirely cleanable, is still known to trap dust and dirt that even the most expensive of vacuums can’t remove completely. The problem with hardwoods is that they are not energy-efficient and are just plain cold at certain times of the year. Warmth is still attainable with these 4 tips for selecting a rug when allergies are a consideration:

1. Assess your needs. Where is the rug going? There are several different rug materials and each can function in some areas better than others. Wool, for instance, is very durable and works well in high-trafficked areas. It also happens to be a material that some are allergic too, however. If you have a wool-allergen, you would be advised to avoid tufted rugs as they tend to shed and the wool fibers may cause irritation for the allergy-sufferer. 

2. Are you allergic to natural grasses? Natural fiber rugs such as jute and sisal are popular for their neutral tones and clean, minimalist look. If tolerable, these make a great alternative in living spaces and under foot in the bedroom.

3. Maintenance. Proper care of your rugs ensure longevity and keep your home fresh. Be sure to roll your rugs periodically and clean the surfaces beneath them. Particles that may become lodged beneath the rug can cause damage to the backing over time. A good pad will not only adhere the rug to the floor but not mark your floors and protect them from the daily use the rug is getting. Proper cleaning will also rid the rug and surrounding floors from any dust and germs that may be irritating. 

4. Machine made rugs may be the answer. If you are allergic to wool or natural fibers, a machine-made rug may be best. Machine made rugs are easy to clean, do not shed their content, and are made from synthetic fibers. Due to the synthetic nature these rugs are also known to be made with vibrant colors that will retain their color over time. 

Do not feel discouraged if you are one of the one in five* persons that suffer from allergies. Though we may have to do a little extra dusting here or there (face masks may or may not be donned), there are still many beautiful options out there to dress our floors with! 

Written By: Samantha Palacio

* Statistic from WebMD: