Remodeling Without the High Cost

Animal Print Rug Room Scene

Just like caveman days, animal prints are always in style.

Since the days when men and women lived in caves, they’ve been finding new ways to make rooms comfortable, appealing, and most of all, personalized. Drawing on the walls and throwing skins on the floor and furniture to remodel a living space seem to be cemented in the human DNA.

Remodeling a room is like suddenly living in a different place, but when you get tired of the same old same old, you don’t have to invest in an entire remodeling job. Instead, consider a few simple additions that will completely change the look of your room, brighten up your space, and add excitement to your home. Here are three simple and relatively inexpensive suggestions:

  1. Painting the walls
  2. Adding a new throw to your sofa
  3. Putting a new rug on the floor

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