Making Changes with Karastan

When you think of Karastan, you may envision the colorful, traditional style rugs that they have been known for, for nearly 90 years. Karastan unveiled a fresh line of new designs, custom dyes, and shag style rugs at the Atlanta Market this January and we are proud to be supporting National Karastan Month here at Rug & Home. I’m here to tell you that these new arrivals are not your grandma’s rugs! Moroccan inspired  designs, lush family room shags… Karastan has opened up to a whole new market of rug buyers and we are thrilled for the opportunity to bring you the change.

Karastan takes pride in the easy clean up and longevity of wear. Have you heard of the “Wonder Rug”? In the midst of a Great Depression, Karastan introduced a 12×15 rug to the 1933-34 Chicago World’s Fair. Here they invited 5 million people to trample this rug and they did it again 5 years later to total 13 million people gracing this tree of life pattern with muddy footprints, and many stories. The words: “If this rug could only talk,” come to mind here. Look at this amazing before & after clean up depiction. If you are as intrigued as I am, read more about the story here. I promise it won’t disappoint. 

Hard to believe a rug can retain such radiant luster after 80 years! I think this is a beautiful depiction of quality you can expect of this manufacturer. Karastan strives to match the quality and craftsmanship of its counterpart – the handwoven one-of-a-kind treasures we sell here every day. Down to the fringe and bright colors that mimic its more costly cousin, you would likely be fooled unless not a trained rug connoisseur. 

Did you know that by purchasing Karastan you are supporting domestic jobs? Karastan is a North Carolina-based company bringing local jobs and revenue back into our home state. You can feel good about your purchase both aesthetically and domestically. No pun intended. 

Karastan uses renewable ingredients such as wool and “renewably sourced polymers” committing themselves to the environmentalism bandwagon. The science behind the making of handwoven rugs produces a positive footprint on the environment with longevity reducing energy consumption. To break it down – much like wool hand-knotted’s, these rugs can be passed down or sold off once your family has tired of the look. The endurance of a Karastan rug insures less filling of the landfill and happy homeowners all around. 


By: Samantha Palacio

Mixed Media Craze

Mixed Media art is defined as:

A technique involving the use of two or more artistic media, such as ink and pastel or painting and collage, that are combined in a single composition.

 The beauty of Mixed Media art is that it is not defined to one particular style. While mixed media art may work well with contemporary or eclectic home decor, it is a category all its own. Combining many different textures together, art can be made romantic, modern, whimsical, classic, and so on. There are no color restrictions and bits of paper medium or even lace are often introduced. Mixed Media is layer, upon texture of pure Art expression. It is not for the faint or neutral of heart.  

Art, as we all know, can be created to any scale to suit the needs of a home. From large headboard-sized canvas to smaller conversation groupings like this painting [to the left] by Alisa Burke. Alisa Burke is artist, teacher, and blogger whose original mixed media paintings have inspired an industry of reproductions, DIY-ers, and writers like myself to voice self-expression through art. Mixed Media is a form of Art and home decor with a heart of its own.  

Mixed media art has even crossed over into the fashion industry, like seen in this tutorial by Ashley at Lil Blue Boo. DIY-er’s alike are re-purposing and recovering to create styles all their own using mixed media techniques. If you’ve never ‘met’ Ashley, I encourage you to take a tour around LBB. You will not leave uninspired. 

Companies like Uttermost have created prints that make mixed media art far more affordable than original, large-scale pieces. You can mix and match paintings of this style for an eclectic look. Depending on the size of the canvas, they are great conversation pictures for a gallery wall. 

‘Hearts of the City’ hand painted by Uttermost


Picture this: a functional sitting space inspired by Mixed Media. Here, we are pairing Rug & Home vendors, such as Caracole, around a Mixed Media art original of the city. 


Feeling inspired? Pick up a brush. The best thing of all about Mixed Media art?

It is about expression, not perfection.


Definition source: The Free Dictionary

Written by: Samantha Palacio

Top 10 Gifts: Under $100

Top10 Collage

The Holidays are here and the pressure is on! Fortunately for you, Rug & Home doesn’t require a pop-up tent and a long line to take advantage of some fantastic deals. We’ve compiled a list of almost everyone on your Christmas list and given you some thoughtful options that are sure to please even the most difficult ones to shop for. The best part? Everything is under $100!

1)      For the Hostess, you are sure to please with the Loloi Charlotte that we’ve chosen in a 2.3×3.9 for just $69.95.

2)      Your Best Friend will love you forever for this Owls Night rug by TransOcean. A 2×3 size is just $48.97.

3)      For the Teacher we’ve chosen this 3.11′ circle rug from the Kids Life collection by Tayse. On sale now for $77, plus 20% off for our Rug & Home Online Grand Opening Sale!

4)      For the Kids we’ve chosen this rug from the Kids Life collection by Tayse as well. Little ones will love racing their cars around this track! It’s on sale now for just $77, plus 20% off for our Rug & Home Online Grand Opening Sale!

5)     We’ve got lots of sustainable pieces and rustic inspired accessories at Rug & Home. For the Environmentalist we’ve chosen the Carmen Seagrass baskets by Imax. This set of 3 is just $78.40.

6)      For Dad we’ve got lots of unique accessories for the office like this detailed model ship. Just $27.95 to add some charm to his workspace.

7)      Thrill the Outdoorsman  with a welcoming rug for their retreat like this Rizzy Home Country Rug. Just $52 for a 2×3.

8)     We all know that gal who loves to entertain. Here at Rug & Home, we specialize in those pieces that make your house a home for all who love to gather. Give the Wine Connoisseur a warm welcome with this Cheers rug from TransOcean. Just $48.97 for a 2×3.

9)      You may not know what to buy for that picky teenager, but chances are they will love lounging on this lavish Faux Sheepskin rug! Just $59.95 for a 2×4.

10)   The Artist will love this fun pop of abstract, Metal Ring Décor by Moe’s Home. We’ve got lots of artwork to be appreciated by any style: transitionalcontemporaryeclectic, and everything in between! This piece is just $43.75.

These are only a few of the great finds we’re carrying at Rug & Home for this holiday season. Visit us online or at one of our three convenient locations.

*Please note that some of these items are available in store only

Written By: Samantha Palacio