Radiant Orchid


The Pantone Color Institute has just introduced the new shades for Spring 2014. Leatrice Eisman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute says, “This season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium.” We have fallen in love with shades of Radiant Orchid, and you can find it popping up in rugs and furnishings within our store. Pair this complementary color with neutrals and pops of Freesia for a cheerful space like these options seen here.

 Orchid & Yellow

Orange is not just for the fall. You can also pair Celosia Orange with this Radiant Orchid for an entertaining children’s space as well. This room is sure to inspire some creativity.


 Here at Rug & Home, we’ve got several options in home furnishings, rugs, and accessories to help you incorporate this color into your home. Use the following tips to begin incorporating this fun new color:

  • ·         Pair one of our rugs in this new color with existing neutral furnishings to update the look of  your space without changing your large investment pieces.  
  • ·         Add fun lamps, vases, curtains, and even artwork to accent your space as well.
  • ·        Add some live greenery or some faux orchid plants to bring some life to your room.
  • ·         Be daring and paint an accent wall in Radiant Orchid.

Some of our TOP picks to coordinate with this new trend can be found online at Rug & Home: 

1. Rizzy Home Country CT3124
2. Rizzy Home Platoon PL2435
3. Rizzy Home Swing SG3117
4. Uttermost Honeysuckle Rose Pattern Art Set/2 

Written By: Samantha Palacio


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