Rugs Made With the Earth in Mind

Today, Earth Day turns the big 4-0! It seems that awareness about the impact we have on our environment is now at an all-time high. And one could argue that it’s at the very least in part due to the campaign’s presence over the years. We see this increased awareness first-hand at Rug & Home, as the majority of the rug manufacturers we work with are taking the “greening” of their company and products very seriously—in some cases, even taking green to the extreme!

While we’re certain we could point out 40 eco-attributes about the companies we work with and products we carry in honor of Earth Day’s major birthday milestone, we realize that would be a pretty long post. So, we’ll share just 4 overarching ways in which these items and companies are eco-friendly and link you to their websites so you can read more about their efforts…

The Use of Natural & Sustainable Fibers

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